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Our enjoyment of life, our ability to live fully and completely, is based on simple principles. These basics, beginning with smart food choices and regular activity, enable vitality, no matter our age or stage in life.
Choosing vitality includes awareness of lifestyle options and making choices to reduce healthcare needs. 
Imagine owning a business based on helping people build these fundamentals into their lives. Imagine being paid to enable everyone around you to enjoy life more fully, earning money by fostering vitality.

A Wellness Lifestyle of Vitality is built upon these principles: 

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Are you looking for the best online business opportunity that you can be proud to be a part of? Look no further than dōTERRA essential oils.

I feel like I am FINALLY Living the Dream – and you can too!

I’m an entrepreneur with a 6-figure income, in a field where I empower women (and some guys) to take care of themselves and their families in natural ways with confidence. I do this with a company of the highest integrity which provides products of unquestionable top quality, presented in a manner that creates a supportive community. Here, we get to help each other and be rewarded for the value we bring to our friends, family, community and the world.

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You get a customer, they stay with you!

dōTERRA’s retention rate is the highest in the industry… 

… an astounding 65% (over a LONG period of time!), which truly leverages your results,
and that means more $ with less investment of time!

That’s also proof that entrepreneurs who build with dōTERRA, stay with dōTERRA.

Check out the astonishing list of accomplishments of this company >> dōTERRA Fact Sheet

Review the Opportunity & Earnings Disclosure  >> dōTERRA Summary 2018

My heart expands whenever I try to express the richness of my life with these oils and how much my team and business mean to me.

This business offers a gentle, beautiful, and healing way to change the world, a drop at a time … like the slogan for the 2016 ONE dōTERRA global convention:

CHANGING THE WORLD, one drop, one person, one community at a time.

Discover the opportunity in essential oils …

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If you answer “YES!” to any of these:

  • I love to share experiences of what works
  • I have an urge to be a leader
  • I seek personal development
  • I measure success by how many people I help and enthusiastic clients
  • I have enthusiasm and drive to pursue my goals

Then you are in the right place!

You’ve perhaps experienced referral/network marketing and thought it was an excellent model, but it didn’t measure up for any of the following reasons: 

  • the products are questionable
  • the corporate management is cultish or lacks credibility and professionalism 
  • the compensation plan benefits the company more than you … or is just unfair (or could even be illegal)
  • you end up with lots of inventory just to get paid
  • management’s actions demonstrate they care about themselves over you and the customers

I know that feeling!

I’ve felt bitter disappointment when I discovered such failings in previous companies I worked with … yet I thought there must be a company out there which could do it RIGHT.

NOW, with dōTERRA I’ve found alignment …

The company, product, culture … all align with my personal integrity and purpose.

dōTERRA simply has a better way!

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Meet Barbara

B.Sc., Holistic Health Educator, Certified in holistic nutrition, Author, Essential Oils Advocate

Barbara is “Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition” and has been a natural health practitioner and educator in Calgary, Alberta for over 13 years. She is on the board of CAHN-Pro (, the Canadian Association for Holistic Nutrition Professionals.

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