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An introduction to essential oils

When I read the powerful claims made about essential oils, I was curious. Would the mountains of research translate to real benefits? I decided to test them out for myself, and I was blown away! So I tried the oils for some clients whose other health practitioners had run out of suggestions. When I saw how well they worked and how happy my clients were, I was totally hooked!

It became abundantly clear that not all oils are created equal!

I discovered the reason the brand of oils I was using were so effective was because they are Certified Pure Tested Grade – the highest quality standard on the market – period!

I started to introduce more and more of my clients to essential oils, and I was delighted how quickly they adopted them and without even asking, they came back with glowing testimonials of how well they worked. I found that people were genuinely excited to learn more about other ways they could incorporate them into their everyday routines.

I shared the oils with my wellness colleagues and their enthusiasm translated into happy clients for them as well, and financial success.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread. I wanted to help even more people. I started by teaching classes and my “tribe” grew from about 50 people to over 10 times that within 9 months … and continues to grow. People LOVE using the oils!

You can read testimonials from some of my customers here…


Wellness for everyone

I believe there is no way to achieve optimal wellness without attending to three very vital areas:

1) Nourish – our bodies need proper nutrients to function optimally

2) Cleanse – when you clean out accumulated waste and reduce exposure to toxins, your cells can use nutrition and provide more energy. Cleansing becomes easier with time

3) Rest & Release – this is the emotional and spiritual aspect of wellness: learning to release emotions that don’t serve; learning/adopting/embracing a spiritual connection; stress management; discovering the right exercise-movement and intensity for your body type; meditation and so forth.

I now know that essential oils can help with all three of those areas.

After a great deal of trial and research, my experience of almost two decades with several essential oil companies has led me to select the awesome, amazing dōTERRA essential oils as the cornerstone of wellness for myself and my growing clientele.

Why dōTERRA?

They deliver superior quality essential oils that have been thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® quality protocol (stricter than traditional organic!), so you can be confident you are using the best quality products with your family and loved ones for the best health outcomes.

I’ve educated and built a close-knit essential oil community … and we welcome you to learn with us.  I will personally support you to have the information you need to get the most from your oils.

How Can You Get Started?

One of the best ways to get started is to try the oils!

For those who are very new to essential oils and would like to know more before buying them, click HERE.

If you are just like me, and you are enthusiastic to get started with the amazing benefits of these oils, click HERE.

Meet Barbara

B.Sc., Holistic Health Educator, Certified in holistic nutrition, Author, Essential Oils Advocate

Barbara is “Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition” and has been a natural health practitioner and educator in Calgary, Alberta for over 13 years. She is on the board of CAHN-Pro (, the Canadian Association for Holistic Nutrition Professionals.

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