Here’s Me

My dream… to be an entrepreneur, making enough money that I could have freedom to do whatever I wanted.  

So I actually changed my job and decided to do what I really loved … which was empowering families with natural solutions to live healthy, happy lives.  I took every course imaginable in herbology, nutrition and natural health and eventually became Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

However, I’ve since discovered, the challenge is that there are very few nutrition professionals making any money to speak of, let alone making a living!  They devote an hour of time to receive an hour of pay and it’s exhausting and virtually impossible to leverage that work to get ahead.

I poured myself into engaging friends and family to use my nutrition services, developing and offering new courses to better serve my clients.  I was giving it my all … even investing in expensive medical devices to enhance clients’ results.  I collaborated to use clinic space, get referrals and create tools.  I invested a year to create a recipe book, which continues to be very well received, but returns were meagre.

After 10 years of effort, my credit cards were maxed and there was nothing left … except the prospect of moving into my parents’ basement and trying to recover somehow.

I was even to the point of selling my jewellery which had terrific sentimental value to me.

It was a really, really painful time!

Isn’t it a thing of beauty, that when your situation is that bad … something can come out of nowhere and change everything … if you are open?

Right then, a dear friend of mine asked “Barbara, have you looked into what is happening with the essential oil part of your business?”

For some time I’d been dabbling with essential oils because I really liked the excellent results my clients were getting with them.  My friend’s question prompted me to stand back and honestly assess “Where AM I making money?”

That assessment clearly showed that the only place I was making money was with my essential oil business! 

It hit me that it is critical to have products included with your service business because I noticed it delivered hands-off recurring revenues and amazingly, it also resulted in higher compliance from clients.

But it’s not just ANY product!
These are products to support a Wellness Lifestyle that align with my principles of:  nutrition, movement, rest & managing stress, reducing toxic load and informed self care.

The proof that I had made the right choice with the dōTERRA product set (more than just oils!), was that my clients loved the benefits from these products and were thanking me for making such a positive difference in their lives.

I immediately took action to educate more people about the dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle

And the rest immediately fell into place!

In 6 months I tripled my income, began to earn a REAL LIVING and gained a leadership position in the company.  Within a year I retired my credit card debt.

I’m now enjoying a 6-figure income (and growing) and I love teaching people about the benefits of essential oils for better health and, optionally, how they can share the health and even supplement or replace their income.

What I did take away from my nutritional consulting experience was that …

My clients want to learn from people they want to be like … in this case … ME 😉


My clients and “tribe” are genuinely interested to know:

  • “What do YOU eat?”
  • “How do YOU stay so trim?”
  • “How do YOU detox?”
  • “What do YOU do when you have a cold … or why don’t YOU get a cold?”  
  • “How do YOU get such nice skin?”

They want to know my health regime to stay healthy and look at least 10 years younger so they, too, can be healthier and look younger.

I’m delighted that you are here … so I can share with you ALL those discoveries without the hardships, for YOU to realize youthful health and beauty, abundance and the satisfaction of truly making a difference.

I share ALL of my secrets on this website … and essential oils are an important part of it.

I believe Nothing is an accident.

Everything I did prepared me and positioned me for success in my business …
… a business that I’m proud to say is based on meaningful relationships.

You can do it, too … and I can show you how … and it doesn’t matter where you start from!

I’m doing what I really LOVE, which provides me with the freedom and abundance so that I can empower even more people to take back their own lives.

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With Gratitude …

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